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Young Professional Board

The HappyBottoms' young professionals board strives to further the mission of Happy Bottoms by raising awareness of our programs in the community. The group will promote the growth and development of Kansas City's future philanthropic leaders by engaging young professionals.


The young professional board will focus on three pillars: leadership, advocacy and philanthropy. We are actively recruiting passionate new members who are excited to expand our reach and grow their own leadership and philanthropic skills. To apply for the HappyBottoms Young Professional Board please submit a copy of your resume and the Membership Application below to hbypb@happybottoms.org

Board Member Requirements

  • Attend 75% of all bi monthly Young Professional Board Meetings

  • Commit to a goal of raising $1000/year for the organization

  • Agree to a 2 year term

  • Participate actively in committees and events to the greatest degree possible.


Questions?  Contact us at hbypb@happybottoms.org