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For kids age 12-16, contact volunteer@happybottoms.org for possible volunteer opportunities.  


Additionally, one of the best ways to contribute is by hosting a diaper drive! Anyone, any age can host. It's easy and offers a variety of creativity and learning along the way. Click here for more information. 


We encourage you to get your younger children involved too, whether it’s organizing a diaper drive in their neighborhood or school, or a change drive to collect loose coins for HappyBottoms. We’d also love to come speak to your Daisy Troop, Cub Scouts, or another group of youngsters about HappyBottoms. (Then they’ll have the inside scoop when they’re old enough to volunteer!)


To get more information about these opportunities, e-mail volunteer@happybottoms.org.  Please include: 

  • your name

  • the name of your group or company

  • number of adults/teens/kids

  • desired volunteer date/time


Thank you for your interest in supporting HappyBottoms!