In uncertain times, there are things you can do to help.



  Right now.

Right where you are. 

Host a Virtual Diaper Drive

Please note, we cannot accept community diaper donations at this time and will rely on our diaper vendors heavily in the coming months.  Your virtual drives of cash donations will help us raise funds to meet the demand. 

Hosting a virtual drive is easy!  See the steps below (including the language you can use to get started!)

I'm in!

Step 1:  Determine how you'll host a virtual drive.  You can:

  • Send a mass email to your friends and family

  • Host a Facebook Fundraiser

  • Email or post on your social media channels directing people to our donation page

Step 2: Compose an email or social media post to send. Here are sample social media posts (feel free to copy and paste, combine messages or make your own): 

  • With schools closing and families bracing for the impact of a slowed economy, HappyBottoms is receiving hundreds of new calls a day from families needing diapers. Everyone knows how important food is, and that cannot be discounted.  We must also pay attention to other basic needs that have a drastic impact on families.  Our clients report that diaper need is more stressful than food insecurity. I'm helping raise funds for HappyBottoms to purchase diapers.  Please donate at  100% of donations will go towards the purchase of diapers. 

  • Mothers without access to an adequate supply of diapers for their children are twice as likely to suffer from depression.  30% of low-income mothers feel diaper need is even more stressful than food insecurity. Maternal stress and depression negatively impact a child's health and development and increase the risk of physical and mental abuse and neglect.  HappyBottoms addresses this need and in these uncertain times, help is needed more than ever.  You can be the difference they need. Donate at 100% of proceeds will go towards the purchase of diapers for a family in the Kansas City Metro area.

  • Last year, 20% of Kansas City families HappyBottoms surveyed took out a payday loan in order to purchase diapers. Unemployment rates are expected to grow in the weeks to come.  Join my virtual diaper drive for HappyBottoms and donate cash for diapers at 100% of your donation will go towards the purchase of diapers for a family in Kansas City. 

  • Infrequent diaper changing can cause urinary tract infections and secondary skin infections resulting in 1,000,000 pediatric visits per year.  The extra stressors placed on families right now will only amplify these issues and no family wants to make extra visits to the doctor.  Help me help HappyBottoms.  Your donation will go towards the purchase of diapers for a child in Kansas City.  Donate at

  • A 2019 HappyBottoms survey told us that 27% of families could not pay their bills when they didn’t have HappyBottoms to rely on for their diaper needs.  HappyBottoms is receiving hundreds of new calls daily with families requesting diapers. Your support means more than ever. Make an impact by donating at  100% of donations will go towards diapers

  • Chronic toxic stress of poverty affects a child’s brain development, language development, vocabulary, memory, and cognition.  Stress affects parental mental health, parenting style, and nurturing. Families report not having diapers is more stressful than not having food.  If you’re feeling like there is nothing you can do to help, there is.  Join my virtual diaper drive. Donate for diapers at

Step 3:  Don't forget to include a link to our donation page:  


Step 4: Break out your contacts; Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snap Chat, etc., and let everyone know you’re hosting a drive.


Step 5: Tag us on social media and we'll share the amazing way you're making a difference during this challenging time. 

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