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Diaper Need Awareness Week Drives

September 7, 2017


Thank you so much for your interest in hosting a cash or diaper drive for Diaper Need Awareness Week, September 25 - October 1, 2017. Local babies and families will greatly appreciate your support! 


Let's get started!





Make a Plan

We have a Toolkit with ideas, posters and invitations that you may use, and we also have more ideas on Pinterest. Please Scroll to the bottom of this page for the Toolkit and Pinterest links: https://www.happybottoms.org/donate


Donate Diapers

Set a goal for the number of diapers you want to collect, Invite your friends and family to donate full or partial packages of diapers, collect them through October 1st, and then contact Happy Bottoms again to arrange a

date and time to deliver them directly to our warehouse in Lenexa. 


Collect diapers at a special event such as a baby shower or birthday party or work with a local business, school, faith organization or your favorite hangout by setting up a collection container labeled with a poster or information about your drive. Get creative by using a playpen, box wrapped in baby shower paper, or anything else that fits the space. Be sure to let others know about your drive in advance and why it is important to you.


Don't forget to take photos of your donors and ask to use those photos to promote your drive!


Donate Cash

HappyBottoms is able to purchase diapers at about half the retail cost thanks to special partnerships through the National Diaper Bank Network and Huggies. We can nearly double your dollar in diaper purchasing power. 


Anyone may make a cash donation through our website and designate it for Diaper Need Awareness Week: https://www.happybottoms.org/donate



Celebrate Your Success!

Let your friends know about the success of your diaper drive, take photos, and please share your success with Happy Bottoms too! We would love to thank you and share your success to inspire others! 


Please feel free to email at any time to discuss ideas or for more information. We are excited for you to be involved, THANK YOU!



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