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"Someone Cares Enough...To Help My Kids"

July 15, 2016

Mary Harris is very familiar with "Diaper Need." Before she became a HappyBottoms client she often struggled to afford diapers and she admits she once had to steal diapers. She says not being able to afford diapers and having nowhere to turn for help was depressing: "I felt so lonely, I felt like a failure," Mary says, "I know not being able to change a diaper doesn’t seem like much to some people but those are people who could afford to get more. When I knew I couldn’t afford it, I felt like giving up." 
Now thanks to our partner agency Amethyst Place, Mary is writing her success story: she passed the GED and is taking classes at Penn Valley to become a teacher. But since she's not working right now, her budget is tight. After all the bills are paid Mary has less than $100, so the diapers HappyBottoms provides is a huge help for her family. 
"I love that feeling to know that someone cares enough to do that and help out and help my kids," Harris says. She says people should give to HappyBottoms because it's really all about helping babies: "think of the child, if that was your child would you want them to be without diapers?" 





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