Passing the Baton

July 15, 2016

In the fall of 2010 our Founder, Jill Gaikowski passed the leadership baton of HappyBottoms to me. Now it is my turn to pass the leadership baton to John – essentially completing the second leg of a “race” to build a sustainable diaper bank for Kansas City. As I return to the bench I would like to share these final thoughts.

Thank you to all the people who support HappyBottoms. From donors to volunteers, to churches, social service groups, schools, corporations and foundations – I thank you all. And to Pam Sutherlin, my partner in crime, thank you foreverything as without you we would not have helped so many children.

To our incredible staff – I will miss you. You are a talented, compassionate team that I have been privileged lead. I know you will continue to do great things with John as your coach.

To our board – thanks for all your efforts to grow HappyBottoms to address diaper need in our community. As they say at National Diaper Bank Network – Diaper On!

To our amazing community partners – without you and your great work to help families in need we could never have distributed all these diapers to KC kids.  

This transition has been planned for almost five years and it is amazing to actually finish a job and execute an exit strategy. When our staff would get a bit nervous thinking about this, I would say, “When we find the right person, we will all be comfortable and excited about what they can bring to HappyBottoms.” We found him. It is John Teasdale. I am so excited that he will run the next leg in our race to diaper babies in Kansas City.

So now I ask you, our faithful supporters, to help John take the HappyBottoms baton and run with it!



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