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A Baby's Tears

July 15, 2016


My 5 month old baby Wesley needs to be changed often. The little pee strip on his diaper is barely blue and he will start wailing. The only thing that makes him happy again is changing his diaper. I'm certain we go through more diapers a day than the average baby. But here's the thing: I can afford it. Every time I change Wesley's diaper and see the smile on his face as he gets a clean diaper on his bottom, I think about a mom out there who is forced to leave her baby in wet or dirty diapers for hours and hours (or all day) because she just can't afford to change her baby more frequently. It's truly heartbreaking to think about a mother who can't make her baby happy because she needs to stretch that package of diapers a few more days. Or weeks. 

We often talk about helping babies in need, but we're also relieving a huge stress for moms and dads who want to do right by their babies and want to wipe the tears from their eyes. 

Thank you for your support, 


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