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Your change can make a change!  Literally, a diaper change.


In the car, the sofa, the bed stand, your pockets, the piggy bank, the ground, who doesn’t have change lying around?

Please join us for our 1st annual Penny Drive to honor Ruth.

It’s simple:

  • Grab a ziplock baggie (or 10)  

  • Put a penny or two inside to get things started

  • Hand out to friends and family and ask them to fill with change for the month and return to you

  • Fill your own bag with change throughout the month

  • Donate!

Our 97-years-young friend Ruth began collecting pennies in 2016 for HappyBottoms. Thanks to her, we’ve been able to purchase more than 13,000 diapers for kids in KC. She’s quite inspiring and we want to spread a bit of her love and kindness this February.


Kids LOVE this one so get them involved. We have HappyBottoms stickers you can put on your baggies. Contact us at info@happybottoms.org for details!   More about Ruth here: http://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/97-year-old-woman-raises-more-than-1-000-for-babies-in-need


Follow Ruth’s lead and let’s show the world (and babies) that small acts add up to big change.  



Why donate for diapers?

  • Diapers are not covered by government assistance programs

  • 1 in 3 moms suffers from diaper need in your community

  • Lack of diapers impacts physical, mental and economic well being  

  • 57% of families in diaper need miss work or school because they don't have diapers required by daycare