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Jill Gaikowski

Jill Gaikowski launched HappyBottoms with a “7000 Diapers in 7 Days” diaper drive in the fall of 2009.  After collecting 15,000 diapers in that week she knew the community would support this much needed effort in Kansas City.  In 2010 she secured a 501c3 for HappyBottoms and distributed 80,000 diapers to 8 partner agencies.  Jill has served as Founder, Board Member and in 2016 joined as paid staff.


Jill spent the first part of her career as a project manager on award winning accounts for Ad Agencies in New York and Kansas City, most notably VML and FCB.  She previously served as Executive Director of Mothers & More, a national motherhood membership organization.  

Jill enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and spends most of her free time with her daughter, Riley - the inspiration for HappyBottoms.