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Diaper Need Awareness Week

September 23 - September 29, 2018

Diaper Need Awareness Week is a nationwide campaign shedding light on diaper need and its effect on families and children.  An estimated 22,500 children in Kansas City could benefit from the HappyBottoms diaper distribution program.  

How does a lack of diapers affect families and children?

  • Low income families cut back on food, utility bills, medical expenses, and rent to afford diapers. They also delay changing diapers and reuse diapers to cut costs, resulting in skin and urinary tract infections. (Feeding America, 2012)

  • A 2015 HappyBottoms survey of 538 clients showed for 26% of respondents, diaper need prevented them from buying food; 38% could not pay utilities; and 23% used a payday or other loan to purchase diapers.

  • Mothers with diaper need are nearly twice as likely to report symptoms of depression. 30% of low-income mothers report they cannot afford an adequate supply of diapers and that diaper need is even more stressful than food insecurity. Maternal stress and depression negatively impact children's health and development increasing risk of abuse and neglect. (Pediatrics, 2013)

  • Many child care centers require disposable diapers, threatening access if families cannot afford to provide a daily supply. Parents who cannot access day care are less likely to attend work or school consistently, leading to economic instability and a continuing cycle of poverty. (Economic Impacts of Early Care and Education, 2011)


Join us in our efforts to reach more families than ever before by hosting a cash or diaper drive, becoming advocate by spreading the word, or join us at an event.  With your help, we can work to fill the gap of all those missing diapers.