Diapers for KC Families in Need.

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April Showers Bring May Diapers


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The Butt Stops Here

An estimated 21,000+ children in the Kansas City area aren’t receiving the diapers they need. But we’re striving to help — and we hope you’ll join us. We're Kansas City’s diaper bank. Learn how to get involved today.

 Total Diapers Distributed

Can’t wait to help? Donate online now. Or buy a “The Butt Stops Here” T-shirt, hat, or even some coffee. All donations make a big impact — we can turn just $10 into providing diapers for one more child each month. 

Our Biggest Needs

Life, liberty and diapers for all. 

Donate funds                                                              Donate time 

  • Donate online now. Choose any amount you want. 
  • Make scheduled monthly donations. Help one or more children receive diapers for a full year. It’s an easy process that makes a lasting impact.
  • Become a corporate sponsor, just contact us. 
  • Designate your United Way contribution(s) to HappyBottoms. If you’re contributing to the United Way through your employer, designate those dollars to us. It’s simple. Just include our info on your donation form:

    HappyBottoms 14820 W. 107th Street, Lenexa, KS 66215

   Tax ID:

  • Volunteer with us. We operate with a very small staff. And lots of great volunteers to help achieve our mission.   Willing to help? Contact us
  • Host a diaper drive, charity party or other event. It’s easy — and pretty fun. Plus, we have plenty of free materials and tips for hosting an event. You could collect funds or diapers. We always need all sizes of pull ups and size 5 or 6 diapers — we even accept open packs.

diaper Donation spots

We Want You! (to donate, please) We accept open packages of diapers so please drop them off too! Click here for a list of our diaper donation spots.


We’re always looking for a few good donors.

We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from the companies below. If you would like to become a sponsor, email sponsor@happybottoms.org about getting started. 

$10,000+ Sponsors

$5,000+ Sponsors
$2,500+ Sponsors
Mariner Foundation

Did you know?

Over 21,000 kids
in the KC metro
need diaper assistance

Drives & Events

Give Butts a Chance

Our events provide chances to do good on behalf of HappyBottoms and our partner agencies. They’re all right here — ready for you to take that all-important next step and get involved.

Upcoming Events

We add new events all the time — we’re popular like that — so please check back often. Find one and get involved. Your karma will thank you.

Here are some events to look forward to. Cick on each event for available details.

April Showers - April Change Drives - All month long! Click for a poster and get involved!

Sunday, May 3, 2015-Mom's Morning Out: A HappyBottoms Brunch

June 2015-AMC Family Movie Night

July 1, 2015-Star Spangled Baby Photo Contest

September 28-Oct 4, 2015-Diaper Need Awareness Week

November 12, 2015-Attitude of Gratitude: A Thanks Giving Event

April 2015

May 2015

Host a Drive, Party or Baby Shower

Ask not what diapers can do for you.
Ask what diapers can do for your community.

So you want to get involved? Smart move — and a very generous one on behalf of low-income families in the Kansas City area. There are plenty of easy, fun ways to help. 

Host a diaper drive

Just download the materials below to get started. Next, your organization, school, place of worship, group of friends or workplace can hold a diaper drive that makes a difference in the lives of our community’s children. 

To schedule a time to drop diapers off at the HappyBottoms warehouse, send an email to drive@happybottoms.org or call 855-479-2867 ext. 4.

Use these materials to plan and promote your event:

Throw a charitable party
Go bottoms up for HappyBottoms. Start planning today and download our Party Invitations

Host a baby shower
You could host one to collect diapers and funds for low-income Kansas City families. Download our Baby Shower Invite and start planning now.

Order “The Butt Stops Here” T-shirts for your event
You know you want one. They’re a great way to show added support for our cause at your event or just when you walk down the street. Plus, the cost includes a tax-deductible $10 donation — which equals a month’s worth of diapers for a child in need. 

Questions? Contact us. We’re happy to help. 

Thanks to These Groups for Their Recent Support

KCKCC Nursing
Henderson Engineers, Inc.
Junior League of Kansas City, MO
KC Young Matrons
Helping Families Serve Communities
Kansas City Atheist Coalition
Roots for Refugees
COR FaithWorks
Women in Design 
Giving the Basics
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
KC Running Company
FedEx Ground

Did you know?

For only $120
we can provide diapers for 
A baby for an entire year


All Butts Are
Created Equal

Sure, the phrase above might be crass — but it’s true. It’s also why we work hard to provide diapers for low-income families in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

HappyBottoms buys diapers at highly discounted rates from nonprofit channels including the National DIaper Bank Network and Huggies. Then we give the diapers to our partner agencies, which distribute them among the families they serve. We can’t give diapers directly to families for a variety of reasons. So if your family would like to receive diapers, please click here for a list our partner agencies who have agreed to provide emergency diapers.

Does your agency or group want to receive diapers?

HappyBottoms is not currently accepting new Partner Applications. We accept Partner Applications and add new partners up to twice a year, depending on our capacity to serve additional clients. If we plan to add new agencies later this year, we will post the link to our online application on July 1, 2015 so please check this page then to see if we are accepting applications. Please note, we will only consider agencies that have completed our online application, and agencies with applications over 12 months old will be asked to reapply. Please contact partners@happybottoms.org with any questions.

NEW Resources

Potty Training Tips are now available

At HappyBottoms we are committed to helping low income families get diapers and get their babies out of diapers. Please download these Potty Training Tips to start the process!

  • Potty Training Tips

   English | Spanish

Diapering and stress reduction tips for parents and caregivers
We’re also committed to providing educational resources on healthy diapering and stress reduction. We welcome you to download these tips for parents:

Current Partners

We’re proud to provide diapers to these organizations. 


Life, Liberty &
Diapers for All

We Are Kansas City’s Diaper Bank

Our mission: Working with social service agency partners to provide diapers to low-income families while raising awareness of diaper need in our community.

Why Diapers?

One in five Kansas City area kids lives in poverty.* For many, diapers remain an overlooked area of need despite today’s best outreach efforts. Here are a few reasons why fulfilling this need is so critical:

  1. Safety-net programs such as SNAP (food stamps) and WIC (Women, Infants and Children) don’t cover the purchase of diapers.
  2. Diapers are expensive — plus cost exponentially more at inner-city convenience stores compared to big-box stores or online.
  3. Cloth isn’t an option for the families we serve. If you’re poor, you probably don’t own a washing machine, and some Laundromats don’t allow cloth diapers. Additionally, licensed day care centers, especially the free and subsidized kind, don’t accept cloth diapers.
  1. If a family can’t afford diapers, a baby will spend extended periods, sometimes days, in the same soiled diaper. This amplifies the risk of numerous health problems, including diaper rash, and may be linked to an increased rate of hepatitis.
  2. Unhappy babies are crying babies. And crying babies are more likely to be abused by already stressed-out caregivers.

​* Source: United Community Services of Johnson County.

The Woman Who Started It All

Founding Director
Jill Gaikowski founded HappyBottoms in 2010 after learning about the need for diapers across the nation. After researching, Jill discovered that many cities were doing something about it and that she could help too — right here in Kansas City. That’s how HappyBottoms began. Jill relocated with her family to the Twin Cities for a few years and found a team that continues HappyBottoms’ mission. She moved back to KC and stays connected as the Founding Director on the HB Board and will always be a HappyBottoms advocate.

Happening People Who Helped This Happen

A special thank-you goes to The National Diaper Bank Network for its leadership and support of diaper banks nationwide, Huggies and The Diaper Bank. These organizations are amazing. 


Liz Sutherlin-Executive Director                      Leanne Mersmann-Warehouse and Volunteer Manager

Jeana Van Sickle-Development Director        Celeste Holm-Business Manager

Teresa Winfield-Program Manager                 Pam Sutherlin-Finance and Fundraising

Board of Directors

Rob Bensman-HighTower Group

John DeHardt-Kessinger Hunter

Linda Cavanaugh – Community Volunteer

Seth Chaikin – Grant Thornton

Sylvia Haverty-Community Volunteer

Nicole Jacobs-Silvey-Penn Valley Community College

Tess Koppelman – Moxie Talent Agency

Abel Mojica-Tortoise Capital Advisors

Bob Parker, CPA - Board Treasurer - TPP Certified Public Accountants, LLC

Bernie Schroer - CBIZ

Karla Shepard – Board Secretary –  Seigfreid Bingham, PC

Carrie Stewart-Commerce Bank

Liz Sutherlin – Board President – Community Volunteer

Pam Sutherlin – Community Volunteer 

Kelly Whitehouse - Hallmark

Our Volunteers

We’re also extremely grateful for the small army of passionate volunteers who help HappyBottoms continue its mission day after day. 

Would you like to volunteer? Just contact us or explore ways to donate and volunteer, including hosting events and parties, making a financial donation, becoming a corporate sponsor and more.

Can we help you?

On our Receive page, we have provided information about our partner agencies and other resources that might be helpful to you.

Need a copy of our Form 990?

Just download a copy now


Spend Days
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Please note: We can’t distribute diapers directly to families. Instead, we give our diapers to our partner organizations, which distribute them to the families they serve. If you need diapers, please contact one of our partner organizations rather than sending us an inquiry about receiving diapers.

Additionally, due to staff limits, we’re unable to respond to calls and emails from individuals asking for diapers. Thank you for understanding. 

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